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Barb and David Collier  Rick


Dublin Pub group August 2015

Bricksback Composite-with instruments  Daria   Tigardville gig 2  A7AK6oxzLzYOyOEpbxes41hF4L3lWy9AYoSwFxm8RG8

redshoes11  redshoes13    redshoes15  redshoes16


Barb-Jessica 2-web David Collier

redshoes12  Jessica-glasses - web

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P3d0jM2WYEzYXkTyRZJvRNeyuRk4i9AniEpTVJghCtc  IMG_0445

Brickhouse June 2014 4 DSC_0130 578720_3554867717130_1043312351_n  Brickhouse June 2014 2    582194_3522959639448_1331601530_n  418585_3554887317620_880966127_n292341_3554896637853_847812420_n             redshoes19255255_3554910398197_1495462845_n547684_3554861956986_729123722_n  Andy Ginsburg with BassDSC_0039     Rick David and barely Mark

Mark          20150111_000656



20150111_000701  Barb-Jessica 1 - Web

Dublin Pub Barb and RickDublin Andy in foreground


Dublin Pub whole band





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  • Barb and David Collier
    Tigardville gig 2

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